Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Week of February 8th-12th

I discovered several of this week’s pieces because of my New Year’s resolution, which is to read all my books that have until now just occupied space on my bookshelf. It’s proving to be a fun challenge! I’ve always enjoyed reading and seem to acquire books faster than I read them. Anywho, just for kicks I performed keyword searches for a few random authors, characters, themes, etc and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. The rest are random pieces or recordings that were new to me. Hope you enjoy!

1. Lord Berners (Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson) –Cupid and Psyche Suite (8.223780) I am currently reading C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces, which is a retelling of the Cupid-Psyche myth. I think I enjoyed this ballet suite more than the book.

2. Joseph Holbrook –The Children of Don, Op. 56 (8.223721)

3. Various –Flute a l’Opera (ACD22186) I thought these arrangements were a lot of fun! This might only appeal to flute-enthusiasts.

4. Deon Nielson Price –To the Children of War (CAMCD-1056) Lyricist: Maya Angelou

5. Joaquin Nin –Piano Music (NI5851) Joaquin Nin was the father of Anaïs Nin. Her Henry and June was a recent read that prompted a bit of biographical research. When I learned that her father was a composer, I immediately looked to see if any of his works were in the NML. Sure enough, they were. I enjoyed the piano music best, especially track 3 “cadenza de valses.”

6. Daniel Gregory Mason –Prelude and Fugue for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 20 (3037100282)

7. Cesar Frank –Psyche, M. 47 (PH08040)

8. Giacomo Puccini –Capriccio Sinfonico (HCD31399)

9. Avner Dorman –Piccolo Concerto (8.559620) This is a relatively new release, but it deserves recognition. It’s a phenomenal recording.

10. Luigi Nono –“3 epifaffi per Federico Garcia Lorca” (0021412BC) This piece interested me because it was one of the pieces Nono composed for Nuria Schoenberg before their wedding and sounds more like the work of Schoenberg than Webern, Berg or Eisler.

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