Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey, Good-Lookin'

You may have noticed some changes taking place that are starting to make this blog look pretty good. For instance, the orange-and-tan combo is gone! Things have been streamlined and reorganized! It could be 2010 instead of 1999!

But upping the pretty factor is not the only change that will be taking place on the NML blog.
In fact, we are going to blow this thing wide open.

From now on we plan to make this blog more functional and up-to-date. We want to make getting information a simple and enjoyable experience for you. We want to open up our content to include things that we are passionate about: more music content, more arts education content, more in general as we will be posting every week.

Don’t worry; you will still get your updates on the tech and usage side of the NML.

But along with those updates, maybe you’ll find something excellent to listen to, a point to raise in class, or a new angle on an issue. Maybe you’ll just get to know us better and feel more comfortable asking questions.

Want to get involved in what we’ve got cooking? Let us know what you want to see here by commenting, e-mailing, tweeting, or facebooking us.

We wanted to make things better for you because that’s what we are about--making classical music accessible.

Pro musica,


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