Monday, May 9, 2016

Label in the Spotlight: Alba Records

“We have really enjoyed during many years working with the record company Alba. Alba comes from Finland. It’s a very forward-looking, wonderfully fearless record company that does all sort of music: the newest new, the oldest old, and practically everything in between, but always with the best quality. We always get to work with the best producers when we work with Alba Records. So, if you are interested in music, please, be interested in Alba Records and what they do, they are wonderful.”
      --Sakari Oramo, conductor

Known for its quality discs, and the winner of numerous awards, Alba is the leading Finnish classical label. Featured in its catalogue are such world-class artists as conductors Sakari Oramo, Susanna Mälkki, and Hannu Lintu; guitarists Ismo Eskelinen, Petri Kumela, and Otto Tolenen; gambist Markku Luolajan-Mikkola; violinist Elina Vähälä; decacordist Mari Mäntylä; sopranos Marjukka Tepponen, Anu Komsi, and Helena Juntunen; pianist Janne Mertanen; the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra; the Oliphant Ensemble; Zagros; and the InTime Quintet. To a lesser degree Alba also releases jazz and world music.

To hear the Alba sampler, access NML as usual, go to the Playlists section, and select the Label in the Spotlight folder under the Themed Playlists tab. If you are on your institution's premises, you may also be able to access it if you CLICK HERE.

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