Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Q+A with the NML staff!

*** Updated***
The App is Now Live! Check Here for all the information!

Today we posted for questions via our twitter feed, and through our subscriber network!

Here are some of the most asked!

Q: What will the App do?
A: The NML iPhone and iPod touch application will allow remote access to your personal and account playlists. Below are some screenshots of the NML Playlist window, and a direct comparison to the NML iPhone App window.

The playlist tabs in the NML, make up the initial iPhone App window. Folders follow suit, and third come the actual playlists. The progression from the log-in window on the App to listening to a selection, should feel completely natural!

Q: Who can use the App?

A: All subscribers will be able to make use of the App; Institutions, Orchestras, and individual subscribers! Students at institutions will be able to listen to their personal playlists, as well as those created by the professors and account administrators.

If you require assistance with the "Student Playlist" functionality, please feel free to write! My e-mail address is below!

Q: What does the App's button look like?

A: Look below! You can see my iPod's Screenshot! Looks good yea?

Q: Will buffering be a problem on the iPhone?
* From Dan in Portland

A: Buffering will not be a problem! The Naxos Music Library has recently completed a "behind the scenes" transition to enhance the overall streaming experience. Streaming on both the NML website and the iPhone App have been fully optimized and tested.

I've spent my time (Nick) using the iPod Touch through many wireless networks. Everywhere from our office, to my home internet, to (yes, quite the interesting location) the local Mall's food court. Happily, the NML worked everywhere, with no interruption in streaming.

Q: How much room will the app take up?
* From Kate in Georgia

A: I can only speak to the Beta App, as final file size may vary, but the NML Beta App clocks in at 540 KB. Remember, the final version will probably differ a little bit in file size.

Q: Do Playlists I create on the NML update in real time? How fast can I access newly created playlists?
* From Kim in Southern California

A: Updating playlists is simple!
1. Create a new playlist on the NML website.
* For help creating playlists, see our earlier post

2. Click the "Home" button on your iPhone. (It's the button on the bottom which takes you to the navigation window"

3. Log back into the NML iPhone Application.

4. Voila! The playlist should now appear in your list!

Q: How much will the App Cost?
* From "Concerned" in Connecticut

A: Absolutely nothing! The app will be available through the App store. We'll post links on the NML and Naxos' websites, and most likely here on our blog that link direct to the App when it's ready to go!

Q: I know nothing about iPhones. Am I going to be expected to troubleshoot my students' devices?
* From Alex in Missouri

A: Not in the least. Since the playlist window is authenticated by a Username and Password tied to a specific playlist, and not by IP address, Referring URL, Proxy Servers, or any combination of the three, there will be NO troubleshooting necessary of the "nuts and bolts" by account administrators.

What you may want to do, as account administrators, is to host a training session on creating personal playlists. If you need help, or would like Naxos to be a Webinar presenter for your staff or students, simply say the word!
We can host the entire presentation on our end!

That's it for today folks! Please feel free to re-post these questions and answers on your blog or web pages!

The NML team is also hosting special promotional pricing to commemorate the launch of the App. Give us a call or shoot an e-mail for all the details! You can also click on the link just below!

Click Here for Information on the iPhone App Promotion!

Happy Listening and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NML iPhone Updae

Hi Folks!

Here are a couple pictures from the latest NML iPhone Beta 'App.

It's important to remember that although the overall layout can, and probably will change a bit, a teaser never hurt anyone!

Access to your NML Playlists (both personal and account/professor created) anytime, anywhere is certainly a feature I am THRILLED about!

We hope to have an ETA on the app availability soon!