Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NSWL iPhone App! - Updated

The third App from Naxos is now complete. Soon, audiobooks and musical texts will be even easier to access on the go with the Naxos Spoken Word Library App!

The NSWL allows for streaming of the Naxos Audio Books label, a wonderful new Bookmarking feature (see below for a great new App feature), and access to more than 500 titles!

Below are some screen shots from the iPod/iPhone/iPad App. This week, Nick will also be at the AISL annual conference (here in Nashvegas!), and he'll have the Beta version of the App for all to see and "play with"!

*As always, these shots were taken from a Beta version of the App. Things can, and most likely will, change between now and the release of the App on the App store. *

<---- Search Page

Album Page ---->

The ability to add and delete bookmarks on the go is a GREAT new feature of the NSWL app! Simply click on the + to start the process. These bookmarks are then available both on the App, and on the computer!

<---Add a Bookmark

Delete a
Bookmark --->

- Nick

Nick D'Angiolillo

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Tutorials!

Hey there, subscribers,

Naxos Music Library has started creating video tutorials! We've posted our first two videos on the newly-created Naxos Online Libraries channel. Soon there will be short video tutorials answering all "how-to" questions for Naxos Online Libraries-- both online and on YouTube. If you have specific questions you'd like answered in a video tutorial, let us know. All suggestions are welcome!

Creating a Student Playlist Account


Building (and editing) Playlists in the Naxos Music Library



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