Thursday, January 27, 2011

I. Love. Free Stuff. - Orchestras and the NML

I’m such a sucker for free things. I’m guilty of buying that extra can of soup at the store, because – hey it’s “buy one - get one free". It’s only natural then, that the idea of getting (and giving) free NML excites me.

We’ve got some fantastic orchestra partners who utilize the NML as part of the promotional and research tools, and we wanted to talk a bit about how they’re using the NML! Imagine buying a concert package and getting to use the entire NML for free. Yes. Please.

This isn't an exhaustive list though, so check with your local Orchestra or Performing Arts organization and see if they have any fun NML programs too!

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

The BSO pulls out all the stops with a full-blown Naxos page. BSO subscribers can connect to the NML before they leave the house. You know – to listen to a bit of Mahler as you get ready, before going to enjoy some live Mahler, with a side of Mahler through the NML Android App on the way home. Mahler overload, Yes. Possible, Absolutely!

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The TSO wants to make sure that everyone in the Toronto area has access to great music. They’ve created the “Beethoven on Demand” program, and offer the NML to their members. What a great program name, no?

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Our very own Nashville Symphony Orchestra musicians and season ticket subscribers get to enjoy the NML. Hey, who knows, maybe the Nashville musicians listen to themselves on the awesome (Grammy Nominated!) “Metropolis” disc. (8.559635)

Also, let's be honest - I really just wanted an excuse to post this awesome cover art (and talk about a super-hero themed recording).

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

If you find yourself in Detroit Rock City, enjoy the NML and some “rock favorites” by legends Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison! Yes, these are all included in the DSO “subscriber subscription” to the NML (and yours too!).

Kansas City Symphony

The KC Symphony’s done a great job of providing donors and subscribers with a fantastic value-add. If you’re a donor to the Orchestra, one of the many perks (aside from Priority seating and ticket exchange) is an upgraded sound quality NML subscription!

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
The VSO musicians write us all the time talking about how much they enjoy using the NML. It’s great to be able to assist in the research and concert prep!

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
These “Manitobans” enjoy the NML , even when it’s too cold to go outside. Ok, maybe it’s never too cold for them, but when I see temperatures of -21 degrees Celsius, I start to shiver.

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

If I was an Edmonton Symphony Orchestra musician, I know I’d spend my “research and listening” hours near the giant wave-pool at the awesome indoor World Waterpark.

Until more "Free Things",

Nick D'Angiolillo

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