Wednesday, June 9, 2010

User Inspired Development - Usage Statistics Reporting

Hi All,

We've got some pretty awesome (and big) news for you all! Our next NML design and development feature was 100% inspired by your feedback. Thanks for all of the help, support, and suggestions over the past few months!

You wanted better Usage Statistics.
You're 'gettin 'em!

Soon, the Naxos Online Library usage statistics windows will offer some great new features. We've taken some screenshots below of the new features. Be sure to comment below, email, or stop by our booths at the League of American Orchestras conference and ALA Annual Meetings later this month with all of your ideas and suggestions!

** As always, the development information and screenshots are taken from our test servers. Information, presentation, features, and everything else can (and most likely will) change from what's posted below. We're simply excited to give you a sneak peek!**

  • Standard View Updated!
Nothing will change as far as "how" you access your usage stats. You'll still log in with your Administrator or Librarian account. However, now, the stats will load on the main NML page! No more crazy pop-ups!

There are a few things to note on this screen. First, all of the relevant data is available for a "6 month" snapshot by default.

  • Export to Excel!
Now, you'll be able to export whatever window you're viewing directly to an excel spreadsheet! You can export any of the windows we'll show below, so go crazy! Here's a screenshot of what the excel export looks like.

  • Top 20!
Want to see what you're users are listening to? Curious about what's most popular in your subscription? With the "Top 20" view, you'll be able to see what's most popular.

Our Orchestra friends will be able to see what type of music interests their subscrbers. Imagine knowing exactly what to program for next year!

  • Daily and Hourly Breakdowns!
Want even MORE information? Not a problem! Just like before, you can break stats down by day. Check daily usage, track information, and much more. A new "Hourly" stats feature has also been added.

Here are a few screenshots that show the process from top to bottom. The Red arrows show the "click" progression down the page.

Once you expand the window to the Hourly view, you're able to export THAT to Excel too!

We hope you enjoy these little previews of things to come. I know I LOVE showing off so many of the cool development features. The changes could go live as early as next week (6.16.10), but no promises!

Have questions or comments? Feel free to re-post this blog, write, or call anytime!

Happy Statistical Analysis,

Nick D'Angiolillo

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Music at ALA2010

In just a few weeks Naxos will be convening with librarians from across the country at the ALA conference in Washington D.C. It will be my first library conference, so I am looking forward to meeting many of you in person! As you may have heard on our Twitter feed or in our newsletter, we will have a Foursquare competition at the ALA2010 conference! Visit the Naxos booth (#2544) and check-in on Foursquare to receive a Free gift bag with CDs from Naxos until they're gone!

Stop by, check in, get Free Music!

And say hello to your friendly, neighborhood Naxos representatives, Anne and Nick :)
Happy Friday!

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