Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IE8 Compatibility with the NML

The latest and greatest version of Internet Explorer 8.0 was released back in March, but many of our users have been slow to download it. (We haven't updated our office yet either - so don't feel alone)! Needless to say, there are still some bugs that the guys over at Microsoft are still working out, and one of the major ones affecting many websites is the lack of compatibility with most websites.

Sadly, ours is one of those that's being affected! However, there is a remedy to IE8's compatibility issues. I found these instructions online from Craig Bailey.
  1. Go to the TOOLS menu
  3. Select the check mark box titled "Display all websites in Compatibility View" near the bottom of the pop up window
  4. Click CLOSE
Hopefully this will resolve some of the trouble with viewing the NML in IE8.0. If you have better instructions and/or more insight into IE8.0 we'd love to hear from you!

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