Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Student Playlists Coming to the NML!

Student Playlists Feature Being Added to the Naxos Music Library

You read correctly! Student playlists will be available very soon for all NML subscribers.

With the transition of the Naxos databases from Windows Media Player to Adobe Flash, we're able to put many of your suggestions to good use!

I'm a Professor! What does this mean for me? Another Interface?

Nope, Nada, No Way! The basic professor window will remain exactly the same. We're actually going a few steps further to make creating and maintaining playslists easier than ever.

Professors will now have the option to create customized Folders for all of their playlists. Once created these folders can be renamed and password protected! For some students it can be very confusing with so many Music Theory Listening playlists, or History of Bach playlists. Your students will now be able to easily find exactly what you want them to see!

Will I really be able to make my own playlists as a Student?

Yes, Si, Ja! As a student you'll be able to visit your schools Unique URL (, and click the playlist window.

From there you'll see a brand new window! --->

Simply enter the basic information (so you can easily retrieve your playlists).

Naxos will absolutely not sell or rent your personal information.

After you're done with that, it's pretty simple. Find your tracks, and add them to the playlist you want. If you need help with general playlist creation, there's a step-by-step walkthrough on the playlist page!

Another Great Feature

We missed my favorite feature though! I love the (+) symbol. The (+) button. All things (+). Maybe it has to do with the inherently positive nature of the symbol? Who knows. People tend to laugh at my over-enthusiasm .

Students, Professors, and all NML subscribers will have a (+) button added to the Flash Player, as well as "check mark" boxes added to the left-hand side of the track window. You'll be able to "check" various tracks, click the AWESOME (+) button, and instantly add thm to any of your playlists.

Stay Classy!

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