Thursday, March 11, 2010

NVL Usage Stats

Hi Folks,

A short, sweet, and relatively self explanatory post today. The Naxos Video Library now has live usage statistics availbe for viewing and manipulation. A few screen shots appear below.

As with all of the Naxos databases, you've got to log in with your "Administrator" username and password. If you're unsure about your account login details, feel free to call or write!

There's also a new "Manage Account" window as well. See below for screenshots of that window too.

If you aren't an NVL subscriber or haven't already trialed the NVL, now's a great time. NML subscribers need only "say the word"!


NVL Usage Stats Window
One of my favorite "stats" feature, is the ability to group the stats by video. Should a professor create a playlist with 15 clips from the same opera, you can now group them together! Figure (b) shows the same group of stats, "grouped by video".

Figure (b) "Grouped by Video" stats

NVL Manage Account Window


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