Friday, April 8, 2011

NML App for Android--Now on Amazon Appstore

I know what you're thinking. You need another place to get our apps, right? RIGHT?

Now you can get the NML app on Amazon's Appstore for Android! Click the giant logo to go!

Don't forget that all of you institutional users will need to take an extra step to generate an app login. Sign up for a free Student/Member Playlist Account through your institution's NML page. The login for that account is also your app login.

Here's to options!

Pro musica,



  1. Well, actually, what I'd really like is an iPad version of your app. I suppose I can share with the non-Apple masses, though.

  2. Our iPhone app works with iPad as well. Have you tried that and run into problems?

  3. It's just that it feels very cumbersome to use on a large screen, especially since it doesn't rotate, and doesn't use the proper iPad keyboard. You could really do some fantastic things with an iPad app, perhaps providing the background material omitted in the iPhone version, and providing an album browsing interface similar to the iPod app on the IPad. It would be massively appreciated.

  4. I can see that. I'll share your thoughts with our dev team. Thanks!