Friday, January 17, 2014

MARC. XML Records Update - Q4 2013

The Naxos Music Library team is pleased to provide the next update to the NML MARC.XML file!  Based on the wonderful feedback from Lisa Peddey and others throughout the world, we've made some improvements to the records.  The full change-log appears below.

Naxos Music Library - MARC.XML Segmented by Month
One noteworthy change in data delivery is the way the records are now sorted.  Previously, the records were delivered by year.  Now, we're packaging the records by month by year.  This allows for easy catch-up or updating should you miss a portion of the files. 

Remember, each update arrives quarterly, so if you updated your records in October 2013, you'll want to import only the October, November, and December 2013 folders. 

Have specific questions not answered here, or feedback for a better experience?  Don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

MARC.XML Change-log
January 15, 2014

Added to All Records

260 – Added location and name of publisher

500 – Noted the media delivery mechanism (streaming music)
506 – Noted access restrictions (where applicable)
538 - Added mode of access
710 – Added corporate name

Added to Records Where Applicable
260 - $c  - Date of physical album release added if provided.  Any approximations are noted in square brackets
490 - $a – Denoted “NML” or “NML-Jazz”
700 - $a $c – Noted appropriate composer, performer, arranger, etc.

Removed or Changed For All Records
006 – Removed
007 – Removed
008 – Clarified field data
040 – Recoded
300 – Recoded

Modified or Adapted for All Records
UTF encoding changed from “utf=16” to “utf=8”
505 - $a – Added work timing information, adjusted data formatting
511 - $a – Entries with no attributed performer were corrected
700 - $a – Entries with no attributed person were corrected
803 - $a – Removed, replaced with 490 field
856 – White space/New line removed

Additional information about the MARC.XML project can be found anytime in our previous post.

Happy Updating!

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Manager, Naxos Online Libraries
Naxos of America, Inc.
615.465.3836 (direct)

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