Thursday, September 25, 2014

The New NML Mobile App Is Here!

Naxos Music Library is proud and excited to introduce the brand new NML mobile app! Ain't it pretty?

Of course, it's not all about appearance; that would make us shallow, horrible people. The new mobile app comes with greatly improved stability as well, and it boasts cleaner and more logical usability. Further features:
  1. Create a user account on the go! The old process of creating an account from a computer is still available, but now mobile users who are on their school or library's wi-fi can sign up directly from the app. Additionally, if an institution provides users with a mobile access code, it can be used to sign up from anywhere! Find out more here.
  2. Create playlists directly on the app. Previously users could only stream playlists created from a computer, but now they can add any track to any playlist from anywhere.
  3. The player includes improved and expanded controls, including the ability to shuffle, scrub, rewind, or fast-forward through tracks.
If you already have the old mobile app, the new one will be available as an update. If you have not downloaded our mobile app yet, you can easily find it by searching "NML" or "Naxos Music Library" in the app store. At this time, the new app is available for iOS only, but an Android version is expected to follow within a month, and iOS and Android apps for NML-Jazz after that.

Did we mention that the mobile app is still free? Because it is. So download it today, and take 100,000 albums with you in your pocket wherever you go!

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